Matthias Fritsch, GERMANY
Matthias Fritsch lives and works in Berlin. He studied Media Art at the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe in Germany, and Film, Fine Art and Curating at Bard College, Center for Curatorial Studies and Art in Contemporary Culture, New York, USA. He has made several short and long films as well as media-based installations. In recent years Fritsch has focused on the digital communities formed within Internet video platforms and he has examined their importance in the formation of contemporary cultural production.
Pablo López Jordán, SPAIN
Audiovisual artist and film sound recordist. Pablo bases his work on the sound art, exploring the use of technology on sound production and audio field recording; through the creative improvisation, asynchrony and error. He bases his video-art works on nature and the human perception.Director of this documentary film based on artistic collaborations. Member of [AADk] Spain. 
Ian Henderson. UK.
His artwork has slowly evolved to utilise video in a number of ways; in installations, through the development of stand-alone pieces of video and occasionally as a documentary record of other art endeavours. Most of his work dwells on some aspects of religion, human perception or the slowed-down sensations experienced in meditation. 
The use of video has become a way of creating environments that encourage a slowing down - a move away from the usual overstimulation associated with urban existence. Natural phenomena, the landscape and various bodily or aural phenomena are used to create a meditative and reflective ambience.
Paolo Bernardi. ITALY.
Italian filmmaker based in Mallorca. He studied at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Milan and had an international education in Paris and Prague. His work always deals with narration, as methodology to organise reality. He usually works in commercial project where he learned how important and difficult is to communicate in 30 seconds. The most important challenge for him is to find new ways to do something which has always existed: telling a story. He also makes documentary movies about art and nature, always mixing up  information and storytelling in a very personal way.
Luis Lamadrid. SPAIN.
Madrid-based artist and works in Spain as a video maker and graphic designer. Part of the creative team Utray-Lamadrid. His videos cover a wide variety of genres: video-collage, video-poem, video-portrait, video-dance, video-documentary approached from a perspective of conceptual experimentation and musical composition. The error, technical limitations and the balanced random inspire the most of his works.Exhibitions at the international contemporary art fair of Madrid, ARCO89 (VideoArco89), Muestra de Arte Joven 1991, awarded the First Video Art Price of Madrid Capital of Culture, 1992. Studies in Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, 1989. Grant in the Schloss Solitude of Stuttgart, 1993. In 2011 his work has been shown in "B Sides of the History of Video Art in Spain" (travelling exhibit) and "The 8th Busan International Video Art Festival" (Seoul).
During his studies at the academy of fine arts, Kingma begins experimenting with the narrative sides of videoart. Besides examining the technical possibilities of the new media, Kingma drowns himself in his own fantasies. Together with his classmate Fabian de Boer, Kingma produces some short experimental films. These are films where puppets or puppetlike figures have the main part in a harsh and violent world. In 2005 Kingma graduates with a bigger filmproject, Arsenicum. The puppets might be exchanged for real actors but the harsh fantasies of earlier works keep on being the main theme. At present Kingma uses different methods to produce his work. Rigid 2D animations are combined with edited graphics and self shot film material. Recurrent themes are: boy wonders, B-movies, paralel universes, games, comics, antagonists, propaganda and autocracy.